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The production of this type of fuel occurs with the use of modern technologies. The main and only raw material for the creation is a natural tree. That is why when burning briquettes do not emit harmful elements. The production of briquettes does not include the addition of any gluing components, all processes occur exclusively under the influence of high temperature and pressure.


Advantages of wood briquette:

  • Instead of 5 cubic meters of conventional firewood, sawdust briquettes will need about 1 ton.
  • You do not need a large storage area for fuel.
  • Fuel briquettes smoke much less and do not spark and also do not shoot in comparison with conventional firewood.
  • Briquettes as well as ordinary firewood turn into coal and are well suited for cooking kebabs after burning.

Nestro wood briquette: modern fuel with high calorific value

Using Nestro wood briquette for heat can be significantly saved in the winter season. Products made from wood residues are characterized by high calorific values. Nestro is suitable for use in ordinary household solid fuel boilers, in boiler rooms, in furnaces of various types.

Products have the following dimensions – from 5 to 9 centimeters in diameter and from 5 to 10 centimeters in length. Specific dimensions depend on the equipment on which the fuel is produced.

For the supply of briquettes use bags. They load the finished product. Bags simplify transportation and protect the fuel from precipitation, accidental moisture. Storage does not need a lot of space. Products are compact. Special storage conditions for it is not required. The main thing – indoor ventilated area to protecting from the negative effects of moisture.

Note! Shelf life is almost unlimited. Of course if you constantly maintain the required conditions.

How to kindle briquettes

In order for them to catch fire, you need to take a little sliver or torch, light it and then put briquettes. It also helps in this liquid for fueling fire.

Note! Briquettes can even be used in fireplaces. To create a cozy atmosphere in the room will anought two or three products. They will be able to warm up the room to a comfortable temperature.

Having inflamed, the briquettes will burn:

  • smooth;
  • bright;
  • pleasant flame.

Briquettes spread a pleasant woody fragrance in the process of burning. When used in boilers it is not particularly noticeable but in the fireplaces – it is felt. Even having ceased to burn, the remains continue to radiate heat, by smoldering. Coal briquettes have a high temperature. They extend the useful life of the fuel.

Nestro wood briquette: key features

  1. The use of briquettes instead of traditional firewood allows to increase the power of a solid fuel boiler by almost half (about 50%).
  2. They emit very little sulfur – less than 0.08 percent. Therefore, the chimney is not polluted so intensively.Needs for cleaning is reduced three times in compared with conventional wood or coal.
  3. There are no characteristic firewood crackling, sparks scattering, intense smoke emission during combustion Therefore, wood briquettes are safer in every sense.
  4. The level of heat is so high that you need to throw them into the furnace three times less than wood logs.

By the way! Nestro wood briquettes have another name – euro-firewood/ euro-wood bricks

This type of fuel is widely used in western countries. Scandinavia is the first began to use them. Today they are in demand in many European countries:

  • Germany
  • Poland;
  • Italy;
  • France; and others.

This popularity is due not only to the calorific value indicators but also to the fact that they can be used not only in stoves and solid fuel boilers. Briquettes are suitable for fireplaces, barbecues, baths and saunas.

Production of wood briquettes Nestro

There are two methods for producing this type of solid biofuel. They are different insignificantly. Differences due to the characteristics of the equipment used. For the manufacture of suitable any wood. Most often – it is waste furniture, woodworking industry.

Mechanical shock press

  1. Raw materials are crushed and sent to the bunker.
  2. Press wood ramming.
  3. After that goes to the matrix where it is shaped.
  4. Next comes the action of poisson – performs compaction of shredded wood.
  5. The formation of the product.
  6. Cutting finished products into briquettes of a given size.

Hydraulic Press

The principle of its work is to extract lignin from wood. This substance allows to ensure the density and strength of briquettes. The cycle time for production is only a few seconds.

The chamber is heated to a temperature of 240-400 degrees. In parallel, pressing is carried out. In the process, lignin is released.

Nestro wood briquette: 4 incontestable advantages

1. Ecological cleanness

It is made only from natural wood. Without adding any synthetic compounds. Processing with chemicals is not carried out for finished products. In the process of burning do not emit toxic compounds.

2. Beetles and microorganisms do not appear

Despite the fact that Nestro briquettes are only natural wood they do not get bugs. High pressure and temperature (up to 400 degrees) pressing lead to the complete destruction of any microflora. Therefore, briquettes are not interesting for bugs.

3. Extended storage period

High temperatures inside the bale chamber cause the surface to melt. Briquettes become durable. They do not rot. Therefore, able to be stored indefinitely. Of course, to protect them from rain and direct moisture.

4. Long burning time

The increased density of briquettes provides long burning and uniform smoldering. Briquettes emit heat for nearly eight hours. That is all night.

Buy wood briquettes Nestro: price and product delivery

If you want to order euro-woodbricks, please contact the company “Krona Impulse”. Our company offers high quality products manufactured accordingly all standards. We use only natural wood and modern equipment. At the moment, our regular customers are more than 100 boiler houses, not only in Ukraine but also abroad. Als the small customers and owners of private houses.

Every month we are able to supply up to 20 thousand tons of solid biofuels. The transshipment points located throughout Ukraine are a guarantee of prompt deliveries. The delivery will be carried out from the warehouse closest to the customer.

To buy euro-woodbricks – contact our consultants. They will take the order and supervise its preparation. If necessary they will calculate the amount of fuel you need.

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