Sunflower meal (non-granulated and granulated)

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Sunflower husk meal is the waste resulting from the processing of seeds at oil extraction plants.


Advantages of sunflower meal

Granular meal from sunflower husk and non-granulated meal from sunflower husk is obtained after extraction of sunflower seeds. It may contain up to 2% residual oil. It has a gray color, although various shades are possible. But a pleasant aroma characteristic of pure fresh sunflower oil.

Depending on the characteristics of the sunflower oil production 30 – 39% of the protein can remain in the meal.

Note! The higher the proportion of protein, the more valuable is the nutritive and energetic meal.

It can be used for different purposes. The two most popular areas that have proven the effectiveness of meal, are:

  • production of solid biofuels;
  • production of feed for farm animals.

Each directions has its own characteristics and positive properties. The company LLC “Krona Impulse” delivers high-quality clean meal. We can sell you granulated and non-granulated meal of sunflower husk.

Meal in solid biofuels production

The energy market development dictates the rejection of traditional energy sources. These are:

  • firewood;
  • gas;
  • coal;
  • fuel oil.

More and more consumers (including large ones) are switching to solid fuels made of renewable energy sources. For example, briquettes and pellets from sawdust, straw, hay and sunflower husk are especially popular.

Different investigations show that sunflower fuel occupies the most significant share in Ukrainian energy market.

The advantages of briquettes of meal and other waste of sunflower:

  1. A high calorific value is higher than of firewood and it is comparable with coal.
  2. Reasonable cost.
  3. Low humidity.
  4. High density and strength.
  5. Ecological cleanliness.
  6. Burning Duration emits enough energy to heat rooms and buildings even smoldering.
  7. Easy storage.

Today, solid biofuels are used not only by owners of private houses and cottages. It is becoming more common in large boiler houses that provide heat and hot water to communal buildings, public and office buildings, and industrial facilities.

Stages of production of sunflower meal briquettes

Non-granulated and granulated sunflower meal is used for the briquettes production and in production of other types of solid biofuel. But in spite on the type of materials, the stages of production are the same.

  1. Supplies of raw materials.
  2. Grinding (it is granules).
  3. Determining the level of humidity and bringing required parameters.
  4. Pressing by specialized machines at high temperature.
  5. Elevated temperature is necessary to ensure particle sintering and high strength without the addition of chemical and synthetic components.
  6. Cutting and warehousing.

Note! Granules are not demanding on storage conditions. It is enough to protect from direct moisture. It is recommended to stack on pallets so that they do not draw moisture from the floor. Subject to these simple rules, briquettes will retain their properties for many years.

Meal can also be used as an independent biological fuel. However, in this case, its thermal return will not be so high. He will quickly burn out. Briquettes, characterized by increased density, burn and smolder much longer.

How to ensure the safety of meal: storage rules

So that meal can be used in the solid biofuel production, it is necessary to provide conditions for the storage.

In particular, storage can be carried out both in bulk (required indoors), and in stacks in strong bags.

Note! It is not recommended that direct sunlight fall on the meal.

Covered facilities should be equipped with a ventilation system. When it is storing in bulk, it should be mixed from time to time.

By the way! The bags are folded necessarily on pallets in such case meal does not draw moisture from the floor. Shelves can also be used.

It is necessary to periodically monitor the temperature of the meal. It should not be heated more than 5 degrees compared to air temperature. The humidity level must be above 6%, otherwise it will begin to rot.

Sunflower husk meal in animal husbandry

Meal can be used also in animal husbandry. It contains:

  • protein;
  • amino acids;
  • methionine;
  • vitamins E, B;
  • phosphorus;
  • potassium;
  • proteins;
  • different microelements.

Therefore, the presence of sunflower meal in the diet of animals ensures their growth and development, weight gain.

It is established that if to give it to animals, the quality of livestock products grow significantly. In particular, cow’s milk contains much more fat, and daily milk production also grows.

However, the main consumers of meal are birds. For example, broilers. If you give products to chickens, starting from a week old, they will grow rapidly, they will form a high immunity. Although for birds you need to select a meal, which contains the smallest part of husk.

Sunflower husk meal: Summarizing

As you see, high-quality meal obtained by sunflower seeds processing has several methods of use. The most common option is the solid biofuels production.

If you are interested in the supply of this material or you need solid biofuel, please contact Krona Impulse LLC (Ukraine). We have been working in the core market for many years, have won the trust of consumers not only from Ukraine, but also from neighboring countries. We guarantee prompt delivery of products to any region. In spite on your location you can order solid biofuel or high-quality clean meal.

If you still have questions,don’t hesitate to contact us, please. Contact details are indicated on the site pages. Managers will provide all the necessary information, talk about the features of cooperation.

  • Mass particle of protein: (as is) – min. 35.0%;
  • Mass particle of crude fiber: (as is) – max. 20.0%;
  • Mass particle of raw fat: (as is) – max. 2.0%
  • Mass moisture particle: max. 11.0%.
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