Sunflower husk bricket

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The molding of the briquette occurs only at the expense of pressure without additional binding elements. According to the VNII TP, heat from burning 1 kg of briquettes from the husks of sunflower for 1 hour can be heated area of ​​50m2.


Advantages of sunflower husk briquette:

  • It is convenient to put briquettes into the firebox: they have a smooth surface, unlike wood, you don’t pound yourself; you don’t stain your hands with coal.
  • No need to improve or rework the boiler. Heated wood? Just buy briquettes and use instead of firewood.
  • Plus sunflower husk briquettes, the duration of burning: they burn for one hundred one hundred and one hundred and thirty minutes and they smolder for six or even eight hours.
  • Ash formed after combustion is an excellent fertilizer and can be carried to the beds.

Sunflower husk briquette: modern solid biofuel

One of the popular types of alternative fuel is a sunflower husk briquette. Products are characterized by high calorific values. It is suitable for almost all furnaces and solid fuel boilers. It can be used, both at heating of private houses, and in municipal boiler rooms, in the industry

The company “Krona Impulse” offers high-quality briquettes made from sunflower husk. Delivery is carried out within the whole of Ukraine. We also supply products to neighboring countries. As of 2018 over 100 boiler houses are using solid biofuel of our company and they’re operated not only in Ukraine but abroad as well.

Special aspects of production and all positive characteristicsи

The essence of production is as follows:

  • delivery of sunflower husk to the enterprise;
  • grinding;
  • bringing to the desired moisture parameters from 12 to 14%;
  • pressing at high temperature and forming products of the desired shape;
  • cooling;
  • transfer to packaging and storage.

Note! High temperatures contribute to the melting of briquettes surface. This ensures their strength. In addition, a smooth surface improves usability – the products will not leave splinters in hands.

Sunflower seed husks are a promising raw material for Ukraine. The country annually allocates hundreds of thousands of hectares of sown land for sunflower crops. There are several companies specializing in the production of vegetable oil from sunflower seeds.

Not long ago, the recycling of the husk was a serious problem for the plants. It has a low mass but a large volume. Owners had to spend money on waste transportation. In addition, they are prone to fire and exude a disgusting aroma.

The development of alternative energy has rid the owners of processing plants from a host of problems. And briquette manufacturers have received inexpensive but effective raw materials.

Specific aspects of combustion.

Among the main characteristics of products it is worth highlighting:

  • high calorific value;
  • burning duration;
  • ease of use.

Sunflower husk briquettes significantly outperform traditional firewood in terms of heat generated. In addition, they burn and smolder longer, releasing large amounts of energy throughout the smoldering period

Note! 1 kilogram of sunflower briquettes will allow to heat a room of 50 square meters for one hour.

Due to this low humidity. So a “fresh” firewood has a moisture index of about 40% and dried about 20%. Sunflower briquettes have a moisture content of about 9%.

Sunflower husk briquette: main positive characteristics

Products have a lot of positive characteristics. That allows it to compete successfully not only with a traditional type of fuel but also with other alternative energy sources and other types of solid biofuel.

By the way! In comparison with the briquettes made from straw, wood and products made from sunflower give about 15% more heat.

Using such solid biofuels is easy. It needs only to throw in the boiler or stove. Moreover, briquettes can be used in any solid fuel boilers and conventional furnaces.

Intensive burning of a briquette lasts from one and a half to two hours. If you decompose the fuel so that it does not burn but only slightly glowed then the heat will be emitted for about seven hours. If the ventilation level is sufficient then sunflower products will burn with a pleasant fire. If you shut off the air supply to the lowest possible volumes – just smolder.

Ash level

There is also a low level of ash about maximum of 5%. Therefore, it is not necessary to constantly clean the boiler, stove.

Synthetic binders and resins are not used during the production of briquettes so the remaining ash is an ideal fertilizer. It can be used for personal plots, farm land. The high content of mineral compounds increases the yield.

Smoke emission

A sunflower husk briquette produces about as much smoke as traditional firewood. Its appearance provokes the lignin contained in the husk and the remnants of vegetable oils.

Note! Lignin is a natural element. This element provides the formation of briquettes after heating.

The chimney must be cleaned with the same frequency as in the case of using firewood.

Buy a briquette of sunflower husk: the price is affordable for all

Some say that briquettes are more expensive than firewood. Compare the price of tons of alternative fuel and conventional wood. It would seem that the comparison is fully reasonable but it is not correct.

It is necessary to take into account other parameters to obtain “honest” results of comparison. The main factor is the heat transfer indicator – it turns out that firewood is essentially losing in the end.

Compare three indicators:

  • the cost of a ton of fuel;
  • heat transfer;
  • burning time.

Independently, to make the right calculations will not succeed at home . So just trust the data of the specialists for the heating period you will need much less briquettes than you used to use firewood.

To order a sunflower husk briquette: delivery to any region of Ukraine and not only

If you need solid biofuel made from sunflower, please contact the company “Krona Impulse”.

Our company confidently occupies a leading position to working in the core market for many years. Ahead of many manufacturers in such product parameters as:

  • quality;
  • heat value;
  • strength;
  • etc.

We carry out deliveries across all Ukraine and to neighboring countries. Our capacities allow us to provide delivery of up to 20 thousand tons of biofuel per month.

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