Solid biofuel

The beginning of the 21st century, this is a transition period in the development of the world energy system and the transition to alternative fuels. And that the characteristic features of this period are the increased environmental requirements for vigorous means, the end of the era of cheap coal, oil and a sharp decline in their reserves. Ukraine has a huge potential in the energy sector and is rich in various types of crops and agro-industrial waste that can be processed and pelletized for further use in bioenergy. If we talk about the resources to date with respect to alternative fuels, then the leading position is pellets from sunflower husks obtained during the production of sunflower oil.

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Wood pellet
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Solid biofuel: an alternative source of energy

Solid biofuels appeared on the energy market a relatively long time ago. It immediately began to compete with the usual coal and gas. Although it was not possible to immediately gain popularity. Consumers were wary of him, and even the boilers needed to be refitted, not a lot of customers wanted to change boilersd. However, the constant rise in the cost of blue fuel provoked an increased interest in solid biofuels.
For its production is used vegetable, natural, organic raw materials, which are:

  • sawdust;
  • sunflower husks;
  • other wastes of agricultural, food and woodworking industries;
  • peat.

Briquettes and pellets are made from raw materials – they differ only in size. The convenience of pellets is that you can organize their automated flow into the boiler.

Solid biofuel: advantages

Synthetic binding, chemical glue connections are not used during production. The process involves the following steps:

  • procurement of raw materials;
  • bringing to the desired indicators of humidity;
  • pressing at high temperature;
  • cooling;
  • packaging and shipping to the warehouse for subsequent implementation.

Solid biofuels are good because they come from renewable sources. There is no need for large costs for the extraction of raw materials, as is the case with gas and oil. The main advantages of alternative fuels are:

  • acceptable price;
  • no hazardous emissions and environmental friendliness;
  • possibility of use in almost all solid-fuel furnaces and boilers;
  • ease of transportation and storage;
  • high calorific values.

Regarding the last point – the level of heat release – it should be noted that pellets and briquettes surpass ordinary firewood and reach the level of the main types of coal.

The company “Krona Impulse” – supplier of high-quality fuel

Do you want to order solid biofuels? We supply the following products:

  • wood pellets;
  • pellets and sunflower husk briquettes;
  • peat briquettes;
  • wood briquettes like Nestro.

It is also possible to supply coal of various types. To order, please contact our managers of the contact information provided on web-site. Warehouse and transshipment points of the company are located in different regions this allows us to ensure prompt deliveries to any customer. We also cooperate with buyers from abroad.

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