Sunflower pellette

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Pellets are made from the ground husks of sunflower seeds by pressing at high temperature and without adding binder material.


The advantages of sunflower husk pellets:

  • The heat of combustion of pellets from husk can be compared with the calorific value of brown coal, so it is possible to use for kindling boilers in the industrial sector.
  • The ash that remains after burning pellets can be used as a plant fertilizer.
  • Pellets can be stored for a long time without any special conditions due to the low biochemical activity.
  • It is convenient to transport them, as they have standard dimensions and flowability.
  • Diameter 8 mm; ash content up to 3.5%; moisture up to 9.5%; heat of ignition 19.7 MJ / kg

Sunflower husk pellets: all about solid biofuel

The sunflower husk pellets produced by the company Krona Impulse LLC are high-quality products. Characterized by excellent indicators of heat, but at an affordable price.It is used for heating, both in small residential buildings with their own boilers and in communal boiler houses, in industry.

The raw material for the production of solid biofuels is sunflower husk – waste oil and fat plants. Husk is a side-product. In the production of vegetable sunflower oil seeds are compressed and as a result a lot of waste remains. Approximately 12-14% of the husk of the total mass from seeds.

Every week tens and hundreds tons of waste are collected at the plants. Sunflower oil producers constantly face with problems related to husk recycling:

  • large volumes;
  • low weight;
  • transportation difficulties;
  • ease of ignition;;
  • unpleasant scent.

The evolution of alternative energy has allowed to get rid of all these difficulties. Now the residues are sent to the enterprises that manufacture granulated biofuels.

Sunflower husk pellets: product characteristics

High calorific values made the husks of sunflower seeds almost the ideal raw material for the production of solid biofuels.

The most common method of manufacturing products – granulation husk. In the process of forming pellets, the moisture content of the raw material is reached in the region of 12% and its compression occurs in the pressing machine (5-10 times from the initial volume).

Characteristics of sunflower pellets

1. The level of heat transfer ranges from 17,000 to 19,000 kilojoules per kilogram of fuel. This is higher than same amount of wood and almost the same of coal.

2. 2000 kilogram of sunflower granules emit as much energy as:

  • 950 cubic meters of natural gas;
  • 1 thousand liters of diesel;
  • 3200 kilogram of firewood;
  • 1.3 thousand liters of fuel oil.

3. High energy efficiency. The level of ash on average is about 3%.

4. When burning the granules do not emit harmful, hazardous compounds. Because during their production does not use glue or other synthetic binders.

5. Pellet has no pores, and therefore it does not ignite spontaneously.

By the way! Raw materials are cheap. Oil-plants interested in to give it for “pennies”, eliminating the need to dispose of the remnants of the processing of sunflower seeds.

Production technology: sequence of steps

The process of making pellets from sunflower husk is the same as in the production of other types of solid biofuels.

Note! The optimum moisture level of the husk for the formation of granules is within 14%. If the raw material was stored in rights conditions it is already suitable for production without additional drying.

Let review stages of production:

  1. Grinding of raw materials.
  2. Collecting crushed husk in a special drive.
  3. Feed the husk into the granulator. Moisturizing.
  4. Submission to the press where the wetted raw materials at high temperatures are squeezed through the matrix.
  5. Admission to the cooling column – finished products are cooled and sieved, removing uncompressed parts.
  6. Packing in bags.

Since the husk is characterized by high oiliness for its production it is necessary to use special equipment and not those presses that are intended for the production of wood pellets.

For example, if the machine allows you to make durable wood pellets then, most likely, sunflower pellets produced on the same equipment will have a number of disadvantages:

  • surface irregularities;
  • low density;
  • fragility.

Therefore, sunflower husk pellets are pressed on specialized matrices that provide an increased level of compression.

Sunflower husk pellets: product benefits

Some owners of solid fuel boilers have a relatively high level of ash “products” of sunflower. Higher than wood products. In fact – it is not so high. The average value is about 3% but sometimes it can reach 5%.

Such a gap is in the normal range. Because the husk is grown in different climates and on different soils. The volume of residues of incombustible compounds is affected by the mineral composition of the soil.

However, ash can be used to fertilize vegetable gardens, household plots and even farmland. It contains a large amount of minerals and other elements that have a beneficial effect on the growth rate of agricultural crops.

Briefly, let’s note the main advantages of this type of solid fuel:

  • high environmental friendliness – in the production process they do not use any chemical compounds, glue and therefore no hazardous substances are emitted during combustion;
  • profitability – the price of sunflower husk pellets is relatively low, this type of fuel is available for everyone;
  • low level of biochemical activity – it simplifies the process of storage & transportation;
  • flowability – it is possible to use in solid fuel boilers with automatic feed.

That is why sunflower husk pellet is in demand in the alternative fuel market and make a successful competition to traditional heat sources – gas, coal, firewood.

Pellet made from the husks of sunflower: buy high-quality products at a low price

The company Krona Impulse (Ukraine) has been operating in the core market for many years. We managed to gain a reputation as a responsible supplier. Therefore, we are trusted by more than 100 boiler houses throughout Ukraine and in nearby states. Not to mention the multitude of private consumers using alternative fuels from our company.

If you need a sunflower husk pellet, the cost of which is relatively low, but the quality is the highest, please contact us. To order deliveries, contact our managers. They will help you choose the fuel you need, take the order and monitor its implementation.

More efficient than gas 1.7 timesAsh content of 2.5-5%. Diameter – 8 mm
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