Sunflower oilcake (non-granulated and granulated)

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Sunflower oilcake is obtained at oil extraction plants in the production of sunflower oil by pressing seeds.


Advantages of Sunflower oilcake:

Oilcake wastes are very popular as a perfect material for the production of biofuels. Sunflower husk and associated waste are characterized by a high level of calorific value at specialized mills and factories. So husk and oilcake are used to produce high-quality solid biological fuel briquettes and pellets.

Also, sunflower cake is used in animal husbandry, adding into the feed of almost all farm animals. It allows to get high profitability and the ideal ratio of “price – performance.”

The popularity of oilcake is due to:

  • 15 – 40% of vegetable protein;
  • 7 – 15% of vegetable oil;
  • calcium;
  • zinc;
  • phosphorus;
  • iron;
  • lysine;
  • potassium;
  • and so on.

Where we can use oilcake

There are 14-15% Oilcake wastes after sunflower processing of the initial volume of sunflower materials.

Simple disposal requires significant financial and time costs, you need specialized equipment. However, more efficient ways to use the waste remaining after seed processing have been developed and implemented:

  • in the different types of animal feed manufacture;
  • comparing with the roughage for animals (non-granulated oilcake made of husk is used);
  • in the solid biofuels production;
  • as a fertilizer in agriculture.

Note! Oilcake is an organic fertilizer that provides soil loosening and ground saturation of useful and valuable microelements for growing the crops.

Non-granulated and granulated oilcake made of husk in the solid biofuels production

«Crona Impuls» Company used oilcake after sunflower processing to produce solid biofuels. In particular, fuel briquettes are manufactured at our production facilities. Their characteristics are significantly different from traditional wood and compete with other types of fuel – coal, gas and others.

By the way! According to the trends ( growth of gas prices, difficulties with coal supplies), more and more households starting to use solid fuel boilers operating on pellets and briquettes. Except it, large boiler rooms are introduced for heating communal, office, public and industrial buildings are also being introduced.

Main advantages of solid biofuel from sunflower husk

  1. A low level of humidity – less 9%, while for dry firewood more than 20%.
  2. Calorific value is higher than in firewood and is comparable with some types of coal.
  3. Low ash content – less 3%. In addition, ash is an excellent mineral fertilizer for the garden.
  4. Briquettes are very dense, even, smooth. They are easy to use, put in the furnace and boiler, they do not leave a splinter.
  5. Intensive burning period up to 2 hours. If it will smolder, the duration of heat generation will reach up to 8 hours! In this case, the level of heat generation will be sufficient to heat the building.
  6. It don’t shoot or spark when it burns, completely safe if to consider fire safety.
  7. Environmentally friendly – it is made without chemical and synthetic substances, therefore it don’t emit hazardous compounds.
  8. There is no special demands for the storage conditions. It is enough to provide protection from rain and moisture from the floor or ground. It must be stored indoors on pallets. It retain its energy properties for many years.

Non-granulated and granulated oilcake made of husk in the animal husbandry

Sunflower seeds are the main product of this plant. We are getting an oil, that is one of the main products of a full-daily diet. It contains many useful substances and microelements necessary for the human body.

But crops are not only valuable. Indeed, in the manufacture of oil, a number of by-products remain:

  • husk – when separating kernels and preparing seeds for the production of vegetable oil;
  • meal – remains in the manufacture of oil by extraction;
  • oilcake – when pressing seeds.

Let see the oilcake in detail. Granulated and non-granulated oilcake is actively used in animal husbandry.

Sunflower husk in animal feed

Granulated oilcake made from sunflower husk has become one of the most affordable and useful feeds in animal husbandry. This is due to the high content of protein and various microelements. At the same time, its cost is quite affordable.

Particularly, granules are perfect for feeding:

  • pig;
  • cattle.

Oilcake allows you to ensure the productivity of animals, but does not require a solid investment for the purchase of feed.

Note! Oilcake of sunflower seeds provides more active growth of young animals!

The consumption of this feed type affects positively on the metabolism of animals, we guarantee a stronger immunity of them. In addition, the birds egg production increases significantly.

In the diet of which pets it is recommended to add oilcake?

It is suitable for feeding:

  • cows;
  • pig;
  • rabbit;
  • duck;
  • goose;
  • turkey;
  • chiken.

Note! That it can be used for fish feeding.

It is recommended to crush before serving, for example, using specialized equipment.

How to dose the oilcake feeding domestic and farm animals.

It is important to adhere the correct dosage feeding animals – it ensures the full development and safety of animal health. Almost all compound feeds contain oilcake. If you give the pure oilcake, you should adhere to the dosages.

Sunflower cake dosage table


Volume of oilcake (per day in %)


above 15%


above 20%

Young cattles

1 – 1,5 kg


1 – 1,5 kg (at the beginning)


above 20%

Working horses

2-3 kg

Milk cows

above 4 kg


Note! If cow’s milk is used for the production of butter, the maximum allowable daily intake of oilcake is no more than 2.5 kilograms. If the norm is exceeded the oil will be very soft.

Summarizing about oilcake

The oilcake after processing of sunflower seeds is ideal for solid biofuels producing. It can also be used as food for pets and farm animals.

If you need a high-quality and clean oilcake for any purpose,please, contact Krona Impulse LLC (Ukraine). We have been operating for many years on oil market, specializing in the solid biofuels production. Deliveries are made not only within Ukraine, but also in neighbor countries. You can also buy not only biofuel, but also clean cake, which is an excellent raw material for biofuel and for the animal feed production.

Также у нас можно приобрести не только готовое топливо, но и чистый жмых, который является отменным сырьем, как для биотоплива, так и для производства комбикорма.

If you have any questions? Please, contact our consultants in any comfortable way. Managers will answer all your questions, provide additional information and introduce a beneficial cooperation.

  • Crude fat – up to 15%;
  • Crude protein – up to 38%;
  • Crude fiber – up to 18%;
  • The total energy value of the cake is not less than 1.04 K.E.
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