Wood pellet

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Pellets (pellets) are wood – an environmentally friendly type of fuel.

In the process of their production, foreign materials (such as glue and plastics) are not allowed, which considerably increases the service life of the heating equipment.



Wood pellet: 6 stages of manufacturing

Wood pellets made from wood processing industry waste – it’s a common source of alternative energy. This is a solid biofuel used in various areas: in utility boilers, in private households, in industrial plants, etc.

Initially, peletts (also granules) were made only from vegetable raw materials. Mostly – soft like straw, dry grass. The evolution of alternative energy has contributed to the invention of new production methods using different types of raw materials.

Granules are characterized by good calorific values. They can be easily transported. They can even be used in boilers with automatic fuel supply.

Raw materials for production: what are pellets made of

Wood pellets are made from any hardwood and softwood waste. Everything goes into production:

  • shavings;

  • trimming;

  • croaker;

  • sawdust.

Note! Bark and waste with bark residues can also be used as raw materials. Pellets made from bark have grey color. They have a high level of ash. They are most often used in industry, in large boilers that consume large amounts of fuel. Wherever the price of pellets is more important than its ash.

In addition to wood, raw materials are straw, sunflower husk, peat, wheat husks and other. But these are other types of solid biofuels. About them in more detail can be found on the thematic pages of the site.

Wood pellets: manufacturing stages

Manufacturing technology for solid biofuels involves six stages. In general, the production process is similar in all enterprises. Minimal differences are possible only in individual cases – the reason for this is the peculiarities of the equipment used.

1. Preparation of raw materials

Raw materials are of two types:

  • any wood without bark;

  • wood products waste with bark.

High quality wood pellets are made without bark. Therefore, in some cases, the raw materials are sorted.

The large pieces are crushed after sorting. If it is a croaker and slats, they should be crushed to chips. Raw should be send to the grinder after all previous stages It allows to get a fraction of wood of the right size. In perfect case – sawdust should not be more than 4 millimeters.

2. Bringing to the right humidity indicators

Most often, the blanks have too high moisture levels – from 40 to 60%. Therefore, they are sent to the dryer. There, the raw materials are dried until the moisture level drops to 8-14%.

Drying is a special drum in which raw materials are blown with hot dry air.

By the way! Often the wood is dried below the required performance. Then it is slightly moisturized right before the production process itself.

At this stage it is very important to control the temperature level. Because when the critical levels are exceeded, lignin is destroyed. This is an important woody element. Pellet strength depends on it.

3. Moisturizing

Three elements are combined during pressing raw materials:

  • high pressure level of the press;

  • temperature inside an equipment;

  • water.

Hot steam and water are added to the raw materials during pressing to achieve a high density and strength of the granules.

By the way! If products are made from coniferous raw materials, the addition of steam is not required.

Humidification also helps to maintain the equipment for a long time. Because when working without wetting the die, the rolls will quickly wear out.

4. Granulation

The machine has several important elements:

  • motor or engine;

  • a matrix for the formation of granules;

  • rollers which supplying and forcing at high pressure raw materials;

  • knives – they cut the finished pellets.

Note! The size of the pellets produced depends on the matrix which used.

The raw material pressed through the matrix is heated. Granules of a certain size are formed. They cool and then the knife cuts them off.

5. Cooling

At this stage, the finished product is cooled. It acquires strength, hardness.

6. Packing

Pellets are bulk products. Packed depending on the characteristics of the implementation and focusing on customer needs:

  • in huge bags with a capacity from 500 to 1000 kilograms;

  • in small bags (15-25 kg) for private households;

  • poured directly into bunkers for sale to industrial enterprises, large boiler rooms.

In this process of production is considered complete. Next, the product is sent either directly to the consumer, or for storage.

By the way! Covered, dry, ventilated warehouses are required for storage of wood pellets. Temperature inside can be any. Bags must not stand on bare ground or concrete floor. It is best to install them on a wooden base.

Wood pellet: buy at an affordable price

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