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Our company supplies coal (Antarcite, G, DG) of any fractions with all the accompanying documentation in Ukraine and in the countries of near and far abroad on terms DAF, EXW, FOB, FCA. We have the ability to supply both enriched coal and dry sieving.


Buy coal for private homes and boilers: wholesale deliveries in all regions

Coal remains one of the most common types of fuel. It is suitable for solid fuel boilers and stoves. It is used at municipal boiler rooms at the industrial enterprises in combined heat and power plant (Central Heating and Power Plant).

Its high popularity is due to good performance. In addition, the cost of coal is relatively low. It is mined in many regions of the planet.

Coal and selling points

  1. The price of coal is almost always stable. It does not change by jumps.
  2. The cost is lower than gas or liquid fuels.
  3. Universal fuel – suitable for different furnaces and boilers. It is applied for both in private houses and in the industry.
  4. Easy to transport. Does not require special storage conditions.
  5. It produces heat not only during combustion but also during smoulding.

Note! Coal has a high heat transfer. Therefore, even small amounts of fuel is enough to warm the housing in extreme cold and maintain a comfortable temperature level.

Advantages of solid fuel boilers which are running on coal

  1. Coal burning time is longer than wood. Therefore, it should not be so often thrown into the furnace.
  2. An automatic loading option is available If the fuel has a small fraction.
  3. Such boilers are universal. If you run out of coal you can drown with other types of solid fuels.
  4. The uniqueness of the design does not allow the boiler to immediately cool down and it provides the supply of heat,even if it is turned off.

Coal and quality scores

The quality of coal (a natural mineral) is usually determined by three indicators of quality. Consider briefly each of them.

1. Calorie

Coking grades give the highest combustion temperature it is more than 8700 kcal per kilogram of fuel. But they are intended for industrial use only. An ordinary boiler will be damage by them.

Anthracite brand coal is recommended for domestic use – its calorific value reaches 8600 kcal per kilogram. Anthracite – the best option for domestic use.

The least caloric in brown varieties is only 4,500. However, they are also not recommended for use in domestic boilers. The reason is low efficiency.

2. Ash content

That is, how much coal does not burn. The higher rate means the lower fuel quality. High-quality varieties contain no more than 25% of ash. But the low-quality fossils – up to 50% and higher.

The higher ash content means the lower of efficiency. Yes and a boiler will have to be cleaned much more often.

3. Humidity

And the last figure. It will be divided into two criteria:

  • internal;
  • surface moisture.

surface moisture content is not so critical it is easy to get rid of it( simply having dried coal). But to determine the presence of internal is possible only in the process of using fossil. The higher humidity level means the less energy of fuel releases during combustion.

Grades and brands: which coal to choose

Mineral resources are classified according to different parameters, grades, brands. Three types are the most common and popular:

  • anthracite;;
  • stone
  • brown.

The best option for heating anthracite. It surpasses other types of this fuel in several parameters:

  • total consumption;
  • calorific value;
  • slag volume;
  • emissions;
  • combustion uniformity;
  • percentage of sulfur and ash residues.

When choosing a fuel for a solid fuel boiler should take into account the features of the equipment. That is choose not just the best coal but the best one for a particular brand of boiler.

Yes, anthracite is superior to other varieties but its combustion temperature is too high. However, not all boilers are able to withstand it. Moreover, not in all boilers anthracite will allow to achieve maximum efficiency and therefore its purchase is not justified from an economic point of view.

There are boilers made specifically for the brand anthracite. In such equipment, fireboxes are able to withstand elevated temperatures. There are also boilers that are made for coal of the worst grades but they allow you to get the highest possible level of energy.

Buy coal with delivery: reasonable prices and different grades

The company “Krona Impulse” has been working on the fuel market for more than ten years. During this time our company has won the trust of consumers. We offer not only coal but also alternative solid biofuels.

Every month we are able to ensure the supply of up to 20 thousand tons of fuel. We have our own network of warehouses and transshipment points. Delivery is carried out from the point nearest to the customer. This ensures prompt deliveries at any time of the year and regardless of weather conditions.

Consultants of the company will answer for all your questions. Provides with certificates for fuel. Will help pick up coal depending on the characteristics of your equipment. Also calculate how much fuel you need.

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