Peat briquetting

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Peat briquettes are environmentally friendly, pollution-free and natural fuels produced on modern equipment using new methods and technologies for peat processing.


The advantages of peat briquettes:

  • Suitable for burning and heat in different heating systems. It can be either fireplaces and stoves or solid fuel boilers of various modifications.
  • Peat briquettes are used to heat both industrial and residential premises.
  • During using peat briquettes, large amounts of ash, soot and caustic odors remain. This makes it possible to use these briquettes for residential heating.
  • After combustion and heating of the room, peat briquettes can be a good fertilizer for the garden.You can buy peat briquettes packed in special packages convenient for carrying, even manually. During storage and transportation, they do not crumble, having high mechanical strength.
  • High moisture resistance of peat briquettes.

Peat briquette: solid biofuel at an affordable price with delivery

Solid biofuel peat briquette can be used in any fireplaces and stoves, in boilers and industrial equipment designed to produce heat and energy.

This product is characterized by high energy efficiency. In particular, it should be noted – increased calorie, long-term combustion and heat. All this allows you to say with confidence – peat briquettes are ideal for heating. In addition, it helps to significantly save in the winter.

The advantages of fuel briquettes

Let’s note the main advantages of fuel briquettes (any, not only from peat), in order to finally convince of the need to use them.

  1. Safety. Synthetic additivesIn do not use during production briquettes that can lead to emissions of substances and compounds hazardous to human health. Pressing involves the use of only those binders that are in the feedstock – the material is heated to isolate and activate them.

  2. Compact dimensions. No need to prepare large warehouses. Briquettes do not take up much space. In addition, not demanding storage conditions. It is important to protect them from moisture and precipitation.

  3. Lack of microorganisms. In the fuel of this type there are no bacteria because during its production the raw materials are subjected to heat treatment. All this kills microorganisms.

  4. Low humidity. Heat treatment also reduces the moisture content of briquettes. Due to this briquettes burn well, less soot is released.

How to make peat briquettes: a brief description of the process

Production technology involves the following steps:

  • raw material harvesting – special machines cut layers with peat;
  • crushed peat is sent to the enterprise;
  • raw materials – dried, adjusted to the desired indicators of humidity;
  • then peat is sent to a special pressing unit;
  • at elevated pressure and high temperature (about 300 degrees), peat is pressed into briquettes;
  • briquettes melt at high temperature – this contributes to the strength of the product.

Peat briquette: economic efficiency

According to the research results, it was found that the heat of combustion of anthracite brand coal is almost 18% higher than that of peat. It would seem that briquettes lose to traditional hydrocarbons, but it should be remembered that peat briquettes will cost somewhat less. Therefore, from an economic point of view, it is more profitable to use them for home heating.

Note! 1000 kilogram of peat briquettes in terms of calorific value, burning time and smoldering are comparable to five stock meters of conventional firewood.

Duration of burning briquette – up to 9 hours. Even in the smoldering process, it emits enough heat to heat the room and heat the water. The ash content is about 15%. Depending on the feedstock. The ash left over from the combustion of peat briquettes is an excellent natural fertilizer that promotes the active growth of garden and agricultural crops.

Ease of use: how to properly apply peat briquette

Peat briquettes are supplied in bags of various sizes – depending on the requests and customer wishes. The packaging is compact, so there are no problems with the storage of products.

Instructions for use

  1. In order for peat briquettes to catch fire, they need a temperature of 150 degrees. Therefore, wood chips should be used to ignite the boiler. Or liquid for kindling.
  2. In order to determine the optimal mode, you will have to experiment a little.
  3. Fire up the boiler or stove. Wait until the air temperature in the house becomes that you need. Throw 2 more peat briquettes. Cover up the blower and open the chimney damper by about three-quarters or a bit more, depending on the characteristics of your boiler.
  4. This approach allows to extend the time of heat preservation in the house for the maximum possible period.
  5. Further, be guided by your preferences and requirements for the level of heat – based on this, determine how many briquettes should be thrown into the furnace / boiler.

Note! Briquette easy to prick to pieces. They are suitable for boilers and furnaces of any size, with a different size of the door.

Buy peat briquette: reasonable price and prompt delivery

If you want to order a peat briquette, please contact our company. LLC Krona Impulse has been operating in the core market of alternative fuels for many years. We supply not only within Ukraine, but also to neighboring countries.

Our products, whose characteristics are very high, already have more than 100 boiler-houses of various sizes. Own storage and transshipment points guarantee prompt delivery of solid biofuels to any region, regardless of the time of year.

Ash content no more then 12-17%.
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